Fresh 48 Sessions

Fresh 48 Sessions

Oh how I love Fresh 48 sessions! There is just something that is so wonderful and special about capturing the glow of parents with their newborn. Even if it isn’t their first child, there is still an abundance of wonderment and love. I wish I had known about these types of sessions when I had my son. I have very few pictures while we were in the hospital, but those that I do have I cherish so much. They are such a wonderful reminder of how amazing it was to become a new family and the amount of love that I have for this tiny human that I helped to create.


What exactly is a Fresh 48 session? A Fresh 48 session is done 24-48 hours after giving birth at the place of birth (hospital, birthing center, home). The focus is on your newborn and the special connection that you now have with him/her. Your newborn will change so quickly hour-to-hour and day-to-day. The time spent in the hospital is so short but so special.


Do the photos only include mom, dad and baby? They don’t have to! It is up to you who you would like to include in these photos. The main focus will be on your newborn but I would love to be able to capture the first time older siblings, grandparents, or other loved ones are meeting the new baby as well!


Will you be posing the baby, using props, etc? Nope! These sessions are very natural and more of a lifestyle type of photography. I want to capture those new, fresh baby moments!


Any other questions? Please feel free to ask! 

*I take a limited number of these sessions each month to ensure that I am available 24-48 hours after baby’s birth. If you would like to book a Fresh 48 session with me, please email me at or fill out the form on my contact page

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  1. by Wideofilmowanie on July 23, 2015  9:37 am Reply

    These earliest photos are the most important photos. You'll be constantly returning to watch them as your child grows. I know that from my own experience :)

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